Deep Thought #2


Don’t sweat the petty stuff, and don’t pet the sweaty stuff. You’re welcome.

Just a reminder that you shouldn’t stress yourself over tiny issues that you cannot control and don’t contribute to the bigger picture after all. Also, do not allow yourself to sink to levels beneath you where you’ll regret saying or doing certain things. Like…petting sweaty stuff.


Deep Thought #1


Sometimes taking a risk and stepping out of your main routine is where you find the most inspiration.

Recently I was speaking with a close girlfriend of mine about job hunting and changing our approach on things. This is what I told her, and what I should practice. Just a constant reminder that people who take the most risks, get the most bounty. 🙂

Fred the Flute Freak


So this is a story that I’ve been meaning to write about for a few weeks now, I just hadn’t started my blog yet until recently. I hope you’re sitting down though because it’s a doozie.

Remember I said that on New Year’s Eve I had met some interesting characters? Well, you never know what you’re going to get until you dig below the surface sometimes. And this time, it was creepy.

After Kyle and I had met people at the Breakfast Club after-party in Seattle, it was a) clear that we were a couple and b) new to the area. Being the power-networker and social bee I am, the next day I had emailed the Night Train guy because he was a fellow DJ in the area that I wanted to hookup with Kyle for events, and I also texted the Fred dude. Totally normal and just trying to make new friends and connect with peeps in my new city. Fred replied immediately.

A texting conversation ensued once Fred had replied. We talked about some mutual interests and both found that we had time during the day to meet up for lunch (I’m currently unemployed and he’s some kind of student). I also found out that he was an aspiring Jazz musician, part of his “sailing team” (or an instructor, but who knows if that was true now), and really quick at responding. Anyways, it was all really normal chit chat. Let’s meet up for lunch (he knew I had a boyfriend), maybe we can all go sailing (my parents sail in San Diego, and I’m keen to learning), etc. This conversation happened a few minutes before my boyfriend walked through the door to play his DJ show that night on MyHouseYourHouse. Kyle started his show and I was busy doing some other stuff. I was feeling pretty happy that someone had finally warmed up to me in Seattle that I hadn’t known before, so I never thought anything more of it.

Then I received a really interesting text message.

Red Flag #1: Sailing Clothes — Fred had texted me asking if I needed to borrow any sailing clothes for a trip he wanted to take me on. I thought it was nice of him to offer and invite me, but also was kind of like “uuuh, no I have clothes.” Hmm. Interesting. Odd offer.

Then while I was off doing the dishes or something, I got an even more interesting text.

Red Flag #2: The “Flute” Video — Fred had told me he was an aspiring Jazz musician before, right? Well, that all went from normal to weird the instant he texted me something like, “Hey, I sent you a picture of me playing flute in my room.” Hmmm. Interesting. And uncomfortable. Why is this random guy sending me pictures of him ALONE playing flute in his room…alone?? I just thought it was strange. And not to be shallow, I then went onto his Facebook page and saw he had around 300 friends over X amount of years. Hmmm….this sort of started reminding me of a South Park episode when that kid had one friend and waited by the computer to add more…GO OUTSIDE AND BE SOCIAL. Anyways, weird. But I tried to keep an open-mind. Although, I did not open the video.

Then it happened. The 180 degree snap.

Red Flag #3: The Shower Pictures — After about 20 minutes of me not responding to his weird flute email, I got another long-winded text. They were ALL long-winded. “Hey, I just sent you some soft-core porn.” ——– WHAT!? I just didn’t even know what to do , think, or say. I was stunned. He had actually emailed me some pictures before I saw his last text, so when I opened the email and saw what he sent I was like “AAAHHH!!! WTF!?!?!?!”, and closed out immediately. My jaw dropped. At that point, Kyle, who was DJing next to me was like, “Uh, what’s going on?” I showed him all the texts and emails and it was just hysterical. It was SO NORMAL, until is wasn’t.

After that Kyle had told him to stop texting me and contacting me, because the guy would not stop his weirdness, and for some reason started to engage in the strangest sociopathic array of comments with Kyle. Then he somewhat apologized. Regardless, wow. It was just all a big, creepy mess. LOL.

MORAL OF THE STORY: That day I learned that really smart people are great at seeming normal, when they in fact are out of their damn mind.

After Red Flag #1, I did what any self-respecting and protecting girl would do and blocked this lunatic on all social media platforms and chat. Just in case something weird ever happens to you, here are some helpful links:

Block someone on Gchat and Google+.

How to block someone on Facebook.

Now that you know how to block someone on the two major ways people connect nowadays, this brings me to another thought. What about specific lists in Facebook that you can add people to? Actually a tech-savvy friend of mine had brought this option up to me over coffee when I first moved here. Here are instructions:

  1. Click the Home link (along the top-right of every Facebook page)
  2. Find the list you want to edit in the left column, or click the More link next to Friends
  3. Select the list you want to edit or click Create a List
  4. Search for your friends in the search bar at the top of the page, or add people from the List Suggestions on the right

So there’s your daily dose of “WTF!? with Jennergy”. I hope you learned something from my awkward experience and move forward enlightened!



NYE 2013: Seattle Feels a bit like San Francisco after all.


This year was my first year celebrating New Year’s Eve outside of California. OK, outside California and Las Vegas. After a *fortunate* series of events, everything started pushing me out of San Francisco in a serendipitous kind of way and I ended up moving to Seattle a couple months ahead of schedule on December 28, 2012. To this end, I would be celebrating the holiday in my new town and state, and I was pumped.

I ended up making plans with another friend whom also was a San Franciscan (born and raised) that had moved to Seattle. Turns out her fiance, her brother, and some of their friends were going to hit up Capital Hill in town and dance the night away into the New Year. Sounded way fun. I really didn’t know what Capital Hill was all about and quickly discovered that it’s basically the Castro of Seattle. Castro in SF is the gay district. Super pink. Super sparkly. Super fun!

That night we ended up meeting my friends (very briefly, they had gone to a rooftop party with stiff drinks before to see the fireworks so we sort of lost them after 15 minutes) at Neighbours. As expected, the place was packed to the roof with man sweat haze, glittery speedos, and lots of dirty dancing. I had been living, breathing, and dancing in San Francisco for the past several years so I was acutely aware that sending my boyfriend up to get drinks would not only get us served faster, but with a discount (AKA cheaper than straight females without local gay friends at least). Now, my boyfriend is a pretty flashy dresser. I have to admit, he has swagger when he gets all dressed up and I’m not embarrassed of his wardrobe choices. Not bad, honey, not bad. Of course this meant he was going to get hit on by some gay men.

As soon as we walked up to the bar, a flock of boys surrounded him and started flattering him with compliments. I just smiled and laughed and thought it was amazing. Kyle did too. No qualms. Then all of a sudden it started getting more “serious.” 😉 We just giggled, the boys looked at me, and then *lightbulb* realized that Kyle was actually straight. For some reason one of them called him a “GAYCIST.” It was delivered in a joking kind of way, but I kind of wondered what the hell it meant because he certainly wasn’t a homophobe coming into a gay club voluntarily (or just one at all). We just laughed it off with the group of boys…but I was still left scratching my head a little. What does gaycist even mean? Did he mean “straight”, “annoyed that I’m around gay men hitting on me”, WTF does that mean in this context??? LOL. Later on I asked a few friends and sometimes gays just don’t like straight men in their clubs just like some other homophobic men get weirded out by gay people in their bar. Ok, I can vibe with that. I guess I just never ran into it in San Francisco because my own group of friends were always so excepting of each other’s differences. I gather they are in Seattle too, so I’m not stating anything otherwise, just telling a new experience. 🙂 Good times.

Anyways, after all that and dancing more for a few hours we met the coolest transvestite chica at the other side of the room right before the bar was shutting down for last call (damn west coast laws). Her name was Reverend Roxy Doll and she helped us get served out last drinks, we talked for a while, and she told us about how Q-Club was going to be running for even later with some great House Music. My boyfriend is a House DJ and loves it (as do I) so we left Neighbours to then go check out their scene. When we got to Q-Club, everyone there was dancing, the music was AWESOME, and Kyle and I (that’s my boyfriend) started having our own little dance-off (as we do many times).

So that was my New Year’s Evening in Seattle! The End! NOT. 😉 C’mon now…this is Jennergy you’re talking about. After all that we did actually go home to take a “nap” though. When we got up early on New Year’s Day, we poured some Jameson and rocks, sipped it down, then headed to Breakfast Club at Electric Tea Garden. Breakfast Club is no Breakfast of Champions like in SF, but it’s a rad little get together of House enthusiasts and local DJs. There I felt “right at home.” I met some pretty interesting and cool characters as one might expect from and after-after party, including a guy named Night Train in a robe. That was his outfit, a robe. I have to point this out because, to me, it’s normal. I mean, in SF everyday is Halloween. But some people might not be as desensitized as me, so there it is. I also met a very normal guy named Fred. But you’ll have to read about him in the next entry.

We danced the morning away, didn’t eat whatever buffet spread they had, and then went merrily home and finally got some “decent” sleep.



Jennergy Is In The House!


ImageHi World! I’m Jenn AKA Jennergy. If you read my About Me section, then you don’t need to hear any regurgitation of my bio. If you didn’t, you should and go get a giggle…seriously, laughter is good for you. Endorphins people, endorphins!

Welcome to my blog. This is going to be a place where you can find out about the latest and greatest in my life through my inevitable shortcomings and the lessons to be gained because of them. We’re all human after all, right? My intention is for this blog to be knowledge-filled with plenty of information for you to collect and do something good with. Whether it’s about life stuff, professional advice, random spurts that you can relate to–I want my readers to get something positive out of it all.

I moved to Seattle from San Francisco to explore a new part of my life and share my findings with the world…ok, with whoever reads my blog. I am a spunky, no holds bar, 20-something that believes in taking risks to feel inspired. I know nothing about the new city I’m in, but am determined to learn. I do have a few transplanted friends up here from college, San Francisco and other parts of California so there hasn’t been a complete drought of feeling social, but I know I have time to make friends. I also have my boyfriend here. He has been living here for a couple years and the last several months we’ve actually been doing the long distance thing. It was fine, and doable, but I can definitely say that being up here is helping us grow as a couple. He has been uber supportive of my move and it’s a good feeling overall.

What else have I done? I actually shredded up Crystal Mountain a couple weekends ago and it was awesome. It was snowing all day, so many freshies! I have a feeling I’m going to love the outdoors up here.

The rain? Not much honestly. Not yet anyhow. We’ve actually had a few sunny days as well. San Francisco is definitely more sunny, but super unpredictable and grey like Seattle so that hasn’t been a complete shock as much as other people might think.

Currently I have no job but have been vigorously hunting one down–not just any job though. At this point in my career, the job, team, and company of choice needs to all come together blissfully. The stars must be aligned. I’m looking for a smart and supportive team that roots each other on, a fun and innovative dynamic in the company, and to feel I’m doing something meaningful at the end of the day. I’ve actually attended some great networking events and met fabulous people. So far these are the organizations I’ve been looking into and want to help out with (maybe join):

  • NWEN – Northwestern Entreprenuer Network
  • PSAMA – Puget Sound American Marketing Association
  • BEAN – A Young Professionals Networking Group in Seattle (philanthropy)
  • WTIA – Washington Technology Industry Association

I’m sure there are many more avenues to pursue in my new city and state so if you have any suggestions, please comment!

Overall I just want to grow as a person and I cannot wait for what Seattle has in store for me! Cheers!