Landing the perfect job. The second time.


It’s been a while since my last post, but life got a bit hectic; what can I say? However, don’t expect this to be any less colorful of an entry to be any less colorful than the next.

At the beginning of this year I had been hunting around for a new job in my brand new city. My strategy went beyond the average “spray and pray” technique with sending in 100s of applications to potential employers. I didn’t just want to send in my resume and cover letter to any old company for any old job. My intent was to network my axx off at every relevant juncture I could whilst maintaining a giving attitude. Let me elaborate.

There were a few companies that I had read up about that really sparked my interest. I knew that I wanted something challenging, something in technology (because it’s always been fast-paced and interesting to me), and more than just a job. I needed, wanted, and deserved a company and position where there was a heightened level or morale and chance for continued learning. Happiness and fruitfulness were my biggest affinities–not just a paycheck. Anyways, after a lot of research and asking around to people I had met at entrepreneur, start-up and other tech events, I settled on these companies: Projectline, Tableau Software, SEOmoz, and HasOffers. I had also gone after Microsoft and Amazon but felt like that might have been a long shot.

Here are my mini-stories for each of those interviews:

  • Tableau Software — IPO’d recently
  • SEOmoz — thanks for the hookup Larry, didn’t go well, then I went to a tech night thing about hiring right and it basically sounded like SEOmoz’s HR girl didn’t like consultants
  • HasOffers — Met with the CEO at one of the Cherry Street Cafes up the street from my apartment
  • Projectline — interviewed twice and landed a great gig with Microsoft, the GM just gave me props

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