Seattle vs. San Franphsycho: Round #1!


Welcome to my first entry in the series, “Seattle vs. San Franphsycho.”  These posts are going to be a completely honest review on discovered nuances between my old city and new via my very fresh and ridiculous perspective. Enjoy.

Kids and the City

San Francisco – People look at kids in SF like they’re aliens and do not belong roaming the same terrain as them. Or maybe in fact that they do not consume the same combination of Noble gases that other humans do. Seeing a child in SF when you’re at a boozy brunch in SF is almost like seeing Godzilla sitting at a Hobbit’s dinner table. “It” just doesn’t belong. Yes, San Franciscans frequently refer to children as “its.” Shock, fear, and an overwhelming feeling of awkwardness fills the room when children are around in SF it seems. I am one of those guilty of having this feeling.

Seattle – Your common Seattleite dwelling downtown, up the Hill (that’s Capital Hill for all you SF’ers reading this), and even trendy places like Ballard don’t really react as strongly or adversely to the presence of children as San Franciscans do. In fact, Seattle’s ‘children of the coffee bean’ are so well-behaved you don’t even realize they’re around. In fact, they have more coordinated style than half the adults in San Francisco. On the other hand, they could all be tiny geniuses plotting against us. To understand that nerdy joke, you’d have to get into the head of some of the geek squad up here.

Conclusion – Maybe in SF all the children are really Peter Pan syndrome-stricken adults who don’t want to share their toys. Or maybe you should just not bring your kid to a naked party on Folsom Street in SF during the summer and expect for people to react appropriately. It could also be that Seattle is just one of those cerebral cities who’s cool and collected Pac NW attitude isn’t jolted by the sighting of a child. It’s all just a very fascinating phenomenon.


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