Smangin’ it with Turquoise Jeep


This last Friday evening my friend Collin was working a show at The Crocodile in Seattle for the artist called “Turquoise Jeep.” Turquoise Jeep is a group of rappers that have a really mysterious origin who blew up on the scene a little over a year ago through a series of viral YouTube videos (if my wildly sought after sources serve correct) and bask in the hilarity that comes along with their slappy and oddly named tracks. One being “Lemme Smang it,” of which they played at the very end of their show and enlisted audience involvement–but I’ll get to that in a second. FYI, I had never really heard of Turquoise Jeep before, and this post isn’t really about them, but actually the nerve that one crazy white girl can have. (Eh hem.)

Now, my friend Collin is the main lighting guy at Crocodile, so we were hanging out behind the switch boards all night while he made beams of different colored neon and cool colors dance on stage. It was a ton of fun getting that perspective and the band was really fun and super engaging with their fans. They played some really silly tunes that got me hooked right away; some song about sweat pants, seriously, sweat pants, and another song called “Got to go to Cali” were pretty entertaining.

Toward the end of the show, they announced that they were going to rap one or two more tracks. All of a sudden they said something like, “Aight ya’ll, who’s ready to SMANG IT!?” Smang? What does this word mean? All I know is that it made all the ladies in the crowd go absolutely apeshit. Being the extroverted gal I am, of course it made energy run through my veins and the craziness bled over…but really how hard does someone have to try to make this “craziness” bleed into me…Jennergy? 😉 Anyways, all of a sudden the MC goes “let’s get a few of ya’ll ladies up here to SMANG IT with us!” OMG. YES! YES!!! I’m GOING. It’s GO TIME. Should I go??? F*ck it, I’m going.

All of a sudden my friend Collin looked at me and was like, “GO!” I don’t know if it was the Jameson, the incredible urge to shake a tail feather, or if I just wanted to make an ass of myself being the white (and freckled might I add) girl I am. As I scampered to the front trying, as politely as I could, to move everyone aside so that I could get up onto that stage and shake my booty, I realized that some girls were actually trying to PREVENT ME from getting on stage! The second I got to the stage front, I leaped onto it like a rabbit who had just eaten an entire bottle of Adderall. (Disclaimer:  No drugs were ingested during this stunt. Really. None. I’m just naturally this fun.)

So there I was. A white girl getting screamed at by other ladies on the sidelines to get off the stage. But then the beat came on, the rapping started, a spotlight blinded me, and I just went buck-f*cking wild! My younger years, and many years of my life, I have been a dancer. I have body rhythm and I don’t think ANYONE expected my to get down on all fours and shake it the way I did. One of the guys, Whatchyamacallit I think? …no really that is his stage name… even gave me one of those high fives that’s really not a high five. You know what I mean.

Afterwards several people helped me down and were either really impressed and smiling or making complete fun of me. Either way, I had balls, got up there, and made people smile. Also, since Collin is the lighting guy, he told me that he had the spotlight on me the whole time. Way to bring more attention to this crazy girl, bro. I have a feeling there are going to be many more good times at The Croc.

Lemme see you Smang it!


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