WTF: Weird Piercing Trend


FaceHolesSince when do people think it’s OK to punch three-ring binder holes into their face!? This trend that has been seen to pop-up in Portland, OR, is one of the strangest things I’ve seen yet. I tried to imagine what would possess people do do this to themselves and just couldn’t get past my initial thought about the zombie apocalypse and drooling through a hole in your face. I mean, maybe it’s a way to see if you have gum disease faster or if you’re missing a tooth? After initially seeing this hit the social web, I got a bit more curious about it and did some research.

Turns out that this weird trend is actually something that has been going around for a while and it’s not a complete gaping hole. What they do is put an expander in their chin area, except the expander is made out of clear plastic. Some say this is a new way to “see your smile,” well I say this is a new window to your ‘better-be-flossed’ gumline. I mean, I’ve seen really gummy smiles, but this is a whole new level. What does it look like when they eat? We need a whole new meaning for “seafood!” Gross!

Either way, this makes me a little ill to look at and blurt out “WTF!?” Can I just pretend I never saw this? What do you guys think!?

Signing off for now,


2 thoughts on “WTF: Weird Piercing Trend

  1. geekygirlownstheworld

    That is absolutely gross. I’m all for body mod, but I will never understand clear plugs in the mouth area. Nor will I understand trans-dermal implants, having record setting amounts of ink or piercings, or “eye jewelry” implants.

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