Attribution Modeling Part 2: Understanding different model types (4/13/15)


Remember when we talked about “search sessions” last week and the customer journey with all those fun clicks before conversion? You might still be scratching your head wondering which one gets credited for the conversion, but we’ll review a few ways this can go down.

First up we have Last-Click. Not to be confused with the order of introduction, but this model gives credit to the last Channel before conversion, First-Click models give credit to the first Channel, and Linear models give equal credit to all Channels. These are default models in many platforms that offer Attribution Modeling (like WebTrends or Google Analytics). Read about more models’ pros/cons here and find out why Time Decay modeling is your friend. Custom Modeling is also great if you have a stellar data measurement strategy!

Some honest thoughts shared with influencers in the space: Last-Click and First-Click models are kind of lazy and unfair. You cannot derive much value from them. Why? They skimp out on giving credit to your Channel efforts in every other step before conversion. This will skew your ROI reporting and mess up your budgets. We can go on with this topic, but let’s regroup next week.


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