EMAIL METRICS: Silverpop’s 2015 Email Benchmark Report Backgrounder (8/24/15)


Last week we took a break with some web analytics and talked about Silverpop’s latest email metrics benchmark report. We did outline some major metrics, but we want to dig a little deeper as they provided 15+ modern email metrics for which you should be paying attention. They included anything from open metrics to click-through and list churn metrics.

The study turned up a few surprise findings among the statistics generated by nearly 750 companies worldwide:

  1. Companies representing Computer Hardware and Telecoms, Corporate Services, Insurance, Hospitals/Health Care and Consumer Products performed consistently better than others this year. Emails are also more personalized.
  2. Countries in the APAC region outperformed others on most benchmarks. This might be due to newer, younger databases where subscribers are generally more engaged than in Western countries.
  3. Transactional messages continue to generate much higher customer engagement than broadcast email. These are some of the most relevant emails you can send because they speak to actions your customers have taken and represent another avenue to broaden engagement.

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