NEWSFLASH: Silverpop’s 2015 Email Benchmark Report Hot Off the Press! (8/17/15)


As we used to hear on TV, “We interrupt this [web analytics series] program with the following message”: Silverpop has just released its annual report for industry benchmarks of email metrics. In the spirit of sticking with our industry, we are going to repot metrics for Marketing Agencies and Services.

Open Rate 25.1% 21.3% 48.0% 8.0%
CTR 4.0% 1.6% 11.8% 0.2%
CTOR 13.1% 8.9% 31.2% 2.0%
Hard Bounce 1.086% 0.041% 0.000% 4.201%
Unsub. Rate 0.216% 0.058% 0.000% 0.703%

The report goes on to explain how you should measure and stack up against these benchmarks saying that you should:

  1. Aim higher – many companies just rank themselves against the average but you should aim higher to be competitive
  2. Process vs. output metrics – the above metrics are ‘activity’ metrics, you should also focus on results like revenue gained
  3. Beyond benchmarks – again, these are only a baseline number; you should be creating your own benchmarks as well over time to improve and optimize

If you want to read more in detail about these and other metrics, check out the report! Cheers!


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