Web Analytics Part 2: Using analytics to plan a website re-design (7/13/15)


Something that is on a lot of minds at small companies going through a re-branding/re-vamping is website re-design. Whether for ourselves or our clients, there are a number of important factors that come into play. Knowing how your website contributes to your business needs and then properly measuring those goals is imperative.

Here are some ways that analytics can get you started on this journey:

Identify how customers are engaging with your current site: Are certain links being clicked? Are my CTAs visible enough? Are customers using the intended conversion path? Is theirs better?

  1. Work on optimizing keywords and make content reachable: look at how your internal site search is used to see what words people are using to find information. What they use is a hint into what is being used in-market.
  2. Make sure your site is compatible with every screen size, device, and OS possible by looking at which ones visitors are using most in/efficiently.

There are many ways you could go about this process, but knowing how to properly utilize the analytics available to you will empower you and give you results. Next time, we will talk about how to use analytics to plan content!


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