Web Analytics Part 3: Using analytics to refresh or plan new content (7/27/15)


When redesigning your new website, analytics can help you better plan that content and make more informed decisions about what kind of content you need. Looking at how previous content has performed can help you decide which pages to make more prominent and/or remove.

Here are a few ways to identify some of your best and worst content:

Look at pages with good engagement metrics, i.e. high average time on page, and then dive into which keywords led them there

  • See which landing pages have a high percent of new sessions
  • Pages with unusually high bounce rate should raise a red flag for pages for things like product, however a high bounce rate for a blog post is not uncommon because users will sometimes read the post then leave the site
  • If your page value metrics are high but the traffic is low, the traffic coming is valuable but it is a sign that you should edit this page or campaigns to bring in more traffic

There are many other ways to use analytics to form your top content and reports. We will cover some of those next time. Here is more info in the meantime. Enjoy!


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