Web Analytics Part 4: What metrics to measure for an informational website (8/3/15)


When you’re going through a website re-design, you need to ask yourself what the purpose of the website is going to be: information gathering, brand awareness, or lead generation. This client wants to focus on educating their audience. We talk so much about marketing automation and form fill-outs etc., but what kind of content engagement metrics should we be measuring to make sure visitors are interacting with our site?

Here are a few metrics to track content engagement:

  • Readers: % users who start reading, think of them as partially engaged and partially scrolled down the page
  • Finishers: % users who finish reading before leaving page, think of them as fully engaged and those who scroll to the bottom of your content
  • Ave. Time to Finish: how much time users spend on content before bouncing out, this is tracked by the amount of time it takes for Finishers to scroll to the bottom of the whole page

These are custom metrics you will have to set up in your analytics package. Read more on that in Justin Cutroni’s post here, a well-known web analytics evangelist.


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