Web Analytics Part 5: What metrics to measure for a lead generating website (8/10/15)


Last week we talked about some metrics that should be measured when a site is set up for information gathering and now we’re going to cover some metrics for a lead generating site. Lead generation sites primarily lean on visitors filling out a form, making a phone call, or requesting a demo. These actions need to be tracked as conversions and goals. The most important lead generation metrics are the ones that relate directly to the goal conversions and those include the following:

  • How many conversions are coming through the site?
  • What percentage of website visitors convert?
  • Which channels drive those conversions?

Also, tack on values to each of your goals so you can see how valuable each channel, like SEO or PPC, is for your online marketing efforts. This will help provide and overall picture of conversion data. Make sure that you benchmark your data along the way and compare time periods to each other. The lead generation process needs to constantly improve and historical comparisons will allow you to track progress.

The actual conversion is sort of the end-goal, however you’ll also want to pay attention to micro-conversions on your site or other engagement, like downloading a whitepaper or watching a video. These will give you an idea of what led your visitors to that lead generating conversion.


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