Web Analytics Part 6: Tracking vs. tagging for website measurement (8/31/15)


Say you’ve had some clients re-designing their website. One thing that is top of mind would probably be how to properly tag this new website to the the metrics you need to measure marketing campaign performance and optimize your site.

Before we get too deep into the woods on how to actually tag those events, let’s review what kind of different measurements there are and what they mean:

  • Base Metrics Tracking – diagnostic metrics that let you know your website is working correctly, i.e. pageviews, sessions, users, etc.
  • Tagging Value Events – action tracking for all interactions across digital channels, i.e. scrolling down a blog post, hovering over certain images, any microconversion
  • Tagging Conversion Events – the events that specifically tie to ROI for your business, i.e. filling out forms, watching demo videos, and macroconversions
  • Campaign Tracking – using special links to track traffic from all of your channel marketing campaigns, i.e. using metatag parameters

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