Web Analytics Part 7: Types of value and conversion tags you need (9/8/15)


Last week we learned that there is a difference between basic metrics tracking, value events, conversion events, and campaign tracking in the way you go about tagging/tracking your website. To expound on this a bit, here below are some examples of value and conversion events. Think about these when you go through your site tagging actions that are aligned with your business goals:

Value Events (i.e. micro-conversions)

  • Downloading an ebook or other piece of content
  • Clicking a ‘Learn More’ or ‘Contact Us’ button
  • Sometimes people visit your site only to look for a job, so measure the number of job application form submissions
  • Scrolling through a blog post or news article on investors site

Conversion Events (i.e. macro-conversions)

  • Completed form to download gated content
  • Completed form to contact company
  • Completed form to receive a demo

As a note, you should know that the above examples are for a non-ecommerce site. We used this example because most of our B2B tech clients only have lead gen-based websites.


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