ABM Part 2: Learning to crawl, walk, then run with ABM


With Account-Based Marketing (ABM), it takes time to hone and get to know the behaviors of your target list. Getting it right will not happen overnight. You will also need to shift your paradigm from targeting based off of buyer personas to building a target list of accounts/business. When it comes to B2B, you can make a pretty accurate guess about which accounts will close. Here are some ways to build that list:

  1. Evaluate your current customers and discover common attributes
  2. Leverage predictive analytics if you have those capabilities available
  3. Go to sales and just ask them for a list they want to target

There can be several lists but you can always start small and then build broader conversations about ABM programs from there:

  1. A named account list
  2. A target segment (defined by attributes such as industry or revenue)
  3. A list of strategic accounts
  4. A customer list (retargeting)
  5. A list of customers up for renewal

Build marketing programs that target those accounts and move them through the funnel with some of these techniques:

  1. Segmenting your target account list
  2. A targeting approach is similar to buyer personas, but you can reach more people at a company
  3. Start with one ad campaign or section of your website, reach stakeholders at your target accounts and measure results

Once you have your lists set up and you are starting to hone them, think about how you are going to measure results.

  1. Adjusting your lists and segments depending on your results
  2. If you can demonstrate success with a specific segment or list of named accounts, you can use what you have learned to target additional segments and replicate your efforts at scale