How To Read Jennergyisms


Thanks for stopping by Jennergyism!  We are super excited to have you here and hope you find our site incredibly helpful–or at least hilarious! This is seriously a one-stop-shop of madness so it helps to know how to read our blog. We have conveniently archived all of our posts into relatable and digestible categories so that you can easily choose one or more to follow that are relevant to your needs or wants for entertainment. Now let’s get Jennergyistic!

Here are Jennergy’s blog categories:

The Dreamazon
We all know that the Amazon can be a fun, wild, adventurous and sometimes dangerous place. Well, so can your dreams! We are not, by any means, experts on dreams but we have some pretty gnarly ones. This is where we will dissect our dreams and do as much admirable research as we can to unlock what they mean and in the process help others learn a thing or two about the hidden psychology behind dreams.

Fiesta Siesta
Have you ever partied so hard that you’ve passed out only to wake up in your own bed and a) didn’t know how you got there or b) thought you were somewhere else? We have! If this seems a little frightening to you, then you probably should gravitate to one of our more other G-Rated categories. Oh wait, we don’t really have any. Buckle up and enjoy some ridiculous stories with us about crazy nights out in various cities that you’d only expect to be in the movies and valuable lessons learned from them that can easily be used for any situation and for any person.

Get It Together!
Do you ever find yourself going out hard the night before a major interview and somehow need to gather yourself and look/sound put together ASAP? Yeah, us too. Everyone finds themselves in that situation at one point or another. Hey, we’re human. And we like to have fun sometimes. Come here to hear about the latest and best hangover cures, ways to make sore muscles feel better after a hard workout, getting yourself out of a parking ticket and maybe even how to be happier.

No Sh*t Reviews
Let’s get real. Some of these crazy fads that roam the interwebs are just plain outrageous. It is true that some of them work, some of them make things worse, and some might leave you blind in one eye. Well, we’re hear personally put some of these claims to the test and honestly tell you the good, the bad, and the (hopefully not for our sake) fugly. Our reviews can range anywhere from holistic trends, like using activated charcoal to whiten your teeth, to exercising, dieting, whacky products on the market and more. Stay tuned…this should get interesting!

Sass vs. Crass
We have our own take on certain fashion trends, behaviors, cities, stories in the media and much more. To us, we either see something as sassy or completely crass. Everyone has their own sense of self and is entitled to their own opinion, though. As a disclaimer, we are in no way, shape or form judgmental people. We just think that some of the things we see are more notable than others and deserve some kind of review. This is where we do that and also where we enlist engagement from our readers and what they think. Let’s have some fun!

After we both have lived in big cities on the East and West coasts for several years, we thought we had seen it all:  Sex parties, orgies, glitter and tutus on naked people in broad daylight, attempted fetishes (failed or won), naked people on bikes, Peter Pan Syndrome (in men and/or women), naked people at parades, polyamory in relationships, more naked people…you get the point. After all these years of being [read: thinking we were] completely desensitized to all of this, we still come up pretty entertained and with our mouths agape in shock at times. My partner once said that it seems like the mentality is, “if you can’t beat ‘em…” meaning acquiescing to polyamory or the like, “join ‘em.” Well, join US in this series for some really interesting stories, either personal or things we’ve witnessed; you’ll never know!

Analytics Angel
On a serious note, we are pretty geeky at times and both love technology in our own ways, especially martech. There are so many great tools these days for marketers that sometimes you can get lost in the noise. For your every individual person, you have to decide what is right for your client or company. We’re not exactly gurus on any particular technology trend, but we sure love to use things that help us stay properly informed, keep efficient, stay entertained, and let’s not forget – laugh really hard. Come check out this series to hear about martech trends and mostly about how to sharpen your data-driven marketing skills.

Whether you believe it or not, sometimes horoscopes are eerily on target with what’s going on in our lives. It doesn’t really matter if Mercury is in retrograde or if you’re having some kind of hormonal meltdown. At times, you just want to chalk it up to being a “Libra” or a “Scorpio,” right? What makes this all hysterical, is that some of these horoscopes are way off sometimes, too, but somehow we twist it in our minds to make something meaningful out of them. Come on down to our psychic corner of hysteria and hear about some kooky Zodiac power.

WTF with Jennergy
Yes—even WE get flabbergasted by some of the sh*t we see! Sometimes you just have to relax, sit down, and ask yourself “WTF!?” Get ready to see some bonkers people and disturbing sh*t because this is a no-hold-bar zone of the best worst stuff you’ve ever seen!

The F*ck-It List
Everyone has some sort of Bucket List. A Bucket List is a comprehensive list of things you want to do, places you want to see, and people you want to meet before you die or pass on to, well, wherever you believe you’re going to pass on. Hopefully greener pastures! Anyways, we have something called The F*ck-It List. This list is very similar to a Bucket List but it’s a little more rambunctious. It’s not every day that you see “meet a Wizard riding a Unicorn” on someone’s Bucket List. Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of media (videos, pictures, and more) to back up our lofty goals.


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