A little something about your loving spaz…


superheroHi. My name is Jenn. People often refer to me as “Jennergy” because I have more energy than a 5 year old. I sometimes act like a 5 year old too, but that’s not the reason I started this blog. I recently moved to Seattle from the magical and sparkly town of San Francisco and wanted to document my experiences in my new city in a creative and (hopefully) helpful way. We are all students in our own lives, and make numerous life altering mistakes along the way that lead to the best lessons we’ve ever learned. Some mornings we wake up feeling hungover, and some mornings we wake up feeling enlightened. I, for one, have certainly been on both ends of that spectrum.

Currently, I am 27 years young. For the past several years I had been living in San Francisco, and even before that, was a still California girl. I was born in New York, but was raised in the sunny state and had never really lived anywhere else. There’s been a multi-year itch that I’ve been meaning to scratch, an itch for exploration: mentally, physically, and emotionally.

At the end of 2012 (AKA “Armageddon”) everything seemed to be pushing me out of my sparky comfort zone and into this new city and journey. I had lost my start-up job (eh hem, they were “restructuring”), had grown tired of having a long distance relationship (boyfriend in Seattle while I was in SF), and overall felt too distracted and like I was not growing as a person. Even though life had gotten increasingly better from the year before, it was time to take a risk and get serious about positive change.

So here I am. Living in Seattle, WA. Many friends that grew up here warned me of the “Seattle Freeze,” the rain, the this, the that, but also loved their town. I have to say I’m getting along quite splendidly up here thus far. My goal for this next phase in my life is to carry on learning, but in an active way. I want to be a better daughter, friend, girlfriend, professional, and more. I will stop at nothing to continue becoming the best person I can be, and to share those experiences and lessons with you.

Afterall, I am Jenn AKA Jennergy AKA the Jennergizer Bunny. And I will keep on going, and going, and going… Enjoy!


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